It has been an amazing season here at Sky Falconry. We are so grateful for all the amazing guests coming to the ranch and learning the art of Falconry. 

Here are some awesome reviews from some of our recent guests. 

  • On Friday, three of us had the amazing up-close and personal experience of being able to fly a Harris Hawk, and learn a lot about birds of prey at Sky Falconry. We learned a lot about hawking, a 5,000 year old tradition of hunting with the assistance of aviary predators. Set amidst the backdrop of a scenic mountain landscape, you will watch in awe as a raptor flies and lands on your gloved hand, and as you turn it 180 degrees, you will marvel at the grace and power of these extraordinary birds of prey.Kirk and Denise go above and beyond the traditional hosts. Besides being humorous, their honesty and depth of caring about these amazing animals shows clearly. It’s inspiring to see people who love their work, and care about the cause of preserving the habitats of nature that allow such beauty to thrive. I felt inspired to explore ways that I could be more helpful to preserving the environment of these birds, and the way in which Kirk and Denise explain and educate is thoughtful and considerate. They taught us a lot in our 90 minute class and I could not think of any other place I have visited where passion of the guides has shown through as sincerely.The experiences at Sky Falconry would move anyone to feel something about these amazing birds. I think it would be a valuable experience for anyone age 6 to 106. We will most certainly be back to visit again and check in the progress of Sky Falconry. I value their mission, passion, and dedication to their work, preserving both history and nature.
  • So amazing! The knowledge, care and passion for the conservation of these birds is unparalleled to anything I have experienced.  It was both exciting and humbling.  Thank you for a great hike and a great life experience that I won’t forget.
  • What an extraordinary experience. Denise and Kirk really know their stuff. It was an educational and fascinating day with Heyduke and a small group of new hawk lovers. My mind is still reeling with all I saw and learned today. Don’t miss this adventure!

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