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It has been an amazing season here at Sky Falconry. We are so grateful for all the amazing guests coming to the ranch and learning the art of Falconry. 

Here are some awesome reviews from some of our recent guests. 

  • On Friday, three of us had the amazing up-close and personal experience of being able to fly a Harris Hawk, and learn a lot about birds of prey at Sky Falconry. We learned a lot about hawking, a 5,000 year old tradition of hunting with the assistance of aviary predators. Set amidst the backdrop of a scenic mountain landscape, you will watch in awe as a raptor flies and lands on your gloved hand, and as you turn it 180 degrees, you will marvel at the grace and power of these extraordinary birds of prey.Kirk and Denise go above and beyond the traditional hosts. Besides being humorous, their honesty and depth of caring about these amazing animals shows clearly. It’s inspiring to see people who love their work, and care about the cause of preserving the habitats of nature that allow such beauty to thrive. I felt inspired to explore ways that I could be more helpful to preserving the environment of these birds, and the way in which Kirk and Denise explain and educate is thoughtful and considerate. They taught us a lot in our 90 minute class and I could not think of any other place I have visited where passion of the guides has shown through as sincerely.The experiences at Sky Falconry would move anyone to feel something about these amazing birds. I think it would be a valuable experience for anyone age 6 to 106. We will most certainly be back to visit again and check in the progress of Sky Falconry. I value their mission, passion, and dedication to their work, preserving both history and nature.
  • So amazing! The knowledge, care and passion for the conservation of these birds is unparalleled to anything I have experienced.  It was both exciting and humbling.  Thank you for a great hike and a great life experience that I won’t forget.
  • What an extraordinary experience. Denise and Kirk really know their stuff. It was an educational and fascinating day with Heyduke and a small group of new hawk lovers. My mind is still reeling with all I saw and learned today. Don’t miss this adventure!

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Flying Birds of Prey San Diego, Ca – Sky Falconry

Sky Falconry takes pride in the education of free flying birds of prey. Focused on preservation in the art of falconry, teaching raptor biology and the need for conservation.  Guests from all over the globe come to experience raptors in flight with a hands on approach designed for everyone. We are located just east of San Diego, CA in Alpine. Come take part in encountering these amazing Raptors!


Baby Ali Baba, curious about Habibi.  

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Sky Falconry Dreams Take Flight


Sky Falconry, a hands-on falconry school located in the mountains of San Diego, offers the rare opportunity to glove up and free fly a bird of prey! We feel honored to make the dreams of so many come true through our falconry lessons and free flight raptor experiences.  We find our clients coming from all walks of life, young and old, from all over the world, have one common theme connecting them all, a passion for raptors. Many of them have dreamed of flying a hawk to the glove, soaring a falcon in big skies, and connecting with these majestic birds on a deeper level, eye to eye. These experiences are offered in Sky Falconry’s interactive and educational falconry programs. Learn about raptor biology, conservation, and the art of falconry in a variety of falconry experiences.

Come visit our private ranch in the town of Alpine just 30 miles from the coast of San Diego. The majestic views from our mountain top perch offer a completely natural habitat to free fly a bird of prey among the wilds and wide open skies of Southern California. Book your experience today at www.skyfalconry.com and let your dreams take flight!

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Sky Falconry San Diego Featured – Men’s Journal The Raptor’s Eye

Sky Falconry, a San Diego based falconry school, is honored to be included in the article “The Raptor’s Eye” in Men’s Journal February, 2018 issue.


Sky Falconry is a west coast falconry school where experienced falconers teach what is often called the “ancient sport of kings”. The article outlines the immense predatory strength of birds of prey. The power found in the talon grip of raptors we fly at Sky Falconry can be 6 times greater than that of a strong human male. Their sharp eyesight is 8 times greater than ours and can also see ultraviolet light to seek out prey and thermal waves to gain altitude effortlessly on hot columns of rising air.


Mutual trust and respect are key factors in the relationship of falconer and raptor. To experience the awe of having a raptor fly to your glove and cast it again while learning the ancient art of falconry, raptor biology


Sky Falconry Travel Channel Top 10 Unique Trip Ideas for Animal Lovers



Sky Falconry, a west coast falconry school offering the opportunity to fly a raptor in San Diego, is deeply honored to be included as #1 in Travel Channels Top 10 Unique Trip Ideas for Animal Lovers.

Here is what Travel Channel has to say about us: “For a truly unforgettable experience, you can visit Sky Falconry in San Diego, Calif. Their mission is to educate the public and offer hands-on experiences (no pun intended), with free-flying birds of prey. You can choose from a number of different classes and experiences to interact with these majestic birds. A basic falconry lesson will teach you how to hold a hawk, cast it from your glove and call it back again. Their “hawk walks” allow you to interact with trained raptors while hiking trails in the San Diego mountains.”

To learn more about our raptor encounters at Sky Falconry, visit our website at www.skyfalconry.com and book your experience today!



Sky Falconry Private Raptor Experience in San Diego, CA

fly a raptor san diego

Sky Falconry, located in Alpine just 30 miles from the coast of San Diego, offers a variety of interactive falconry classes with raptors. It is one of a few raptor schools in the US where non-licensed falconers can put on a glove and fly a bird of prey. We teach about the ancient art of falconry, raptor biology and conservation in all of our class offerings, with something for everyone.

One of our favorites is the Private Raptor Experience. This is the only class at Sky Falconry where our raptor encounter includes flying not only a hawk, but also a falcon. Falcons are much more advanced falconry birds. They fly farther, higher and faster. Our Private Raptor Experience opens you the world of raptors, working with these two species back to back gives participants an intimate window into their distinct flying and hunting skills.

Prepare to be amazed! Fly a raptor in San Diego, join us for this rare opportunity to free fly two birds of prey in their natural habitat while enjoying stunning views of the coastline and San Diego Mountains!

san diego raptor school san diego raptor experience



Falconry Lessons in San Diego CA – Bird of Prey Classes


Sky Falconry, Southern California’s premier falconry school located in the mountains of San Diego, offers the rare opportunity to glove up and free fly a bird of prey in their natural habitat. Our location is an intricate part of our outdoor raptor experiences and is one of the most beautiful in California. We are located on the side of Mt. Viejas, a sacred winter solstice site for the Kumeyaay Indians that have lived in this region for more than 10,000 years. Our property sits at 2700 ft. in elevation offering a 360 degree view of San Diego County. This view includes the San Diego coastline stretching from Coronado to Catalina Island looking to the west. Our eastern views offer a rare glimpse into the expanse of the San Diego River Watershed that includes Eagle Peak out to San Jacinto in Palm Springs. The back drop of our school home base is the iconic Cuyamaca Peak, the second highest peak in San Diego County. Looking out into this vast expanse absent of human development takes you back to  an ancient and wild time when California was less inhabited and makes for the perfect setting to learn the sport of hunting with a trained raptor.

Sky Falconry offers a variety of hands on falconry classes at our private Alpine ranch. We invite you to experience this unique location that sets our falconry school apart. You will be immersed in the natural habitat of birds of prey that allows you to see innate raptor behaviors first hand while being just a short distance from the coastline of San Diego.

Book your raptor lessons today at www.skyfalconry.com and come see what our guests rave about!




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Sky Falconry – Fly a Raptor Hawk Walks San Diego


Sky Falconry, located in the quaint town of Alpine, just 30 miles from the coastline of San Diego, is a bucket list must! We offer a variety of falconry lessons for everyone on our private ranch with stunning views of San Diego County.

One of our favorite experiences is the Hawk Walk, a raptor adventure. The Hawk Walk is held in small groups, creating a more intimate interaction with the our birds. We go meandering on smooth, easy trails in the San Diego mountains, free flying the hawk to and from the glove. This stunning natural setting, close to town yet completely surrounded by national forest, allows for innate behaviors of the birds that would not otherwise be seen. Participants get long, graceful flights from high in the tree tops down to the glove. You see special maneuvers through rocks and around curving paths. The inquisitive nature of the birds of prey is in full display during our Hawk Walks, allowing a unique view into the intimate lives of these majestic birds.

Falconry Classes For Everyone San Diego

Sky Falconry, located in Alpine and nestled in the mountains of San Diego, offers falconry for everyone. Our falconry school gives the rare opportunity to glove up and free fly a bird of prey in a safe environment created by our instructors and stunning natural setting. We offer a variety of falconry classes to cater to a wide range of ages, group sizes, and any physical limitations to those living in Southern California and visitors to San Diego.

We are often asked how old participants need to be. Our age limit is set at seven, however, we allow well-behaved six year old children to also work with our birds. We have celebrated numerous birthdays of people in their 90’s. What a great honor to give those that have lived such long lives a new experience! Sky Falconry makes a wonderful outing for those visiting solo, with family, as an intimate adventure with your partner, or celebrating a special occasion. We strive to give each person individual attention, making sure everyone gets ample time with our raptors, feels safe in their interactions, learns about birds of prey and their role in the environment with conservation tips on things everyone can do to have a positive impact on our natural world.

We invite those near and far to visit what everyone raves about on Yelp and TripAdvisor, book your experience today!


Falconry Lessons in California


Sky Falconry, a falconry school based in San Diego, offers a variety of falconry lessons to those in Southern California and visiting from across the country. Our classes are accessible to everyone interested in birds of prey and to experience hawks and falcons up-close. We are located in the town of Alpine, a short distance from coastal San Diego and a comfortable drive from the Los Angeles environs and Orange County.

Learn to fly a bird of prey without any prior handling experience. We teach about falconry, raptor biology and conservation while participants are gloved up, free flying a hawk to and from the glove, and playing interactive, bird training games. Flying birds of prey on our 20 acre ranch nestled in the mountains allows one to experience raptors natural behaviors while interacting with participants. Fly a raptor down winding paths, through rocks and from tree tops, to your glove for awe-inspiring memories. The hawks natural instincts to hunt allow a more intimate view into what it is to experience falconry in California. We have classes that offer flying a Harris’ Hawk as well as a falcon experience where both a hawk and falcon are flown back to back for a deeper understanding of the different species.

Book your experience today!

Sky Falconry | San Diegosky_falconry_basic_lesson_alpine-15






Sky Falconry is a falconry school offering interactive experiences with trained birds of prey in California


Sky Falconry is a falconry school offering interactive experiences with trained birds of prey. Located a short distance from coastal San Diego, nestled in the mountains of Alpine, our location feels worlds away while being a comfortable drive from downtown San Diego, Inland Empire, Los Angeles and environs.

One of our most popular experiences is the Basic Falconry Lesson. Done in groups up to 13, participants glove up and free fly a Harris’ Hawk while learning about the ancient art of falconry, raptor biology, and conservation. The class allows for participants to experience the awe of a hawk flying to, resting on, and casting her from the glove multiple times throughout the course. We play interactive bird training games that allow the hawk to hone her hunting skills. Photo opportunities are welcomed throughout all of our falconry classes. We offer the rare opportunity for everyone to experience falconry in California. Book your experience today!




It’s Falconry! Not Falconrey, Falconary, Falconeering, Etc.


We at Sky Falconry hear a lot of different words used to reference falconry and our falconry school. These include falcondry, falconary, falconrey, falconeering, and falconing to mention a few. The noun is falconry and verb is hawking. Yes, that sounds a bit confusing but that is just the English language, not science. No, we are not necessarily a hawk school, raptor school nor do we teach bird training classes. We do love that those seeking these things eventually find their way to Sky Falconry. We are a falconry school, with raptors that have been trained.

In an effort to create clarity, we would like share a bit about Sky Falconry.  Sky Falconry is a unique school on the West Coast in Southern California with birds of prey trained to hunt and work in our educational classes with the public. We offer a variety of experiences for everyone to learn aspects of falconry, raptor biology, and conservation. Our falconry courses allow participants to glove up and fly a bird of prey and play interactive training games with hawks and falcons. In our classes, we are not aiming to teach you to become a falconer or give you a bird show but instead, offer a window into the natural behaviors of raptors and their incredible skills that help them to be such great hunting partners with humans. Experience a flying raptor gently brushing their wings on you as they glide past to fellow participants, soaring from treetops and down winding paths to your glove. We aim to teach people about raptors with our intimate free flight experiences so they may be more inspired to protect birds of prey in the wild and their natural habitats.

Learn more about the falconry classes we offer in San Diego at skyfalconry.com. Book your experience today!


Sky Falconry – Holiday Gifting Falconry Lessons

skyfalconry-5-2Gifting experiences over things…an abundance of research has proven that gifting experiences over things creates deeper joy that is more lasting. Why is this? There are many layers to the answer. The anticipation the receiver has of experiencing something exciting and new. The opportunity to live in the moment of the experience, keeping the ever-wandering mind in place, if only for the duration of the experience itself. The opportunity to weave these memories into the fabric of one’s life that will continue to serve as a source of happiness in the future. To create an opportunity for connection, to others in the experience, to self, and to the world around us.

Sky Falconry offers the rare opportunity to glove up and free fly birds of prey while learning falconry, raptor biology, and conservation. Our private 20 acre ranch nestled in the mountains of San Diego is a unique location that feels a world apart while being only a short distance from the coast of San Diego and a comfortable drive from the Los Angeles environs. Sky Falconry is a bird of prey school that allows one to learn falconry through a variety of falconry courses. Our experiences offer the opportunity to step away from the bustle of life and connect into the natural world of raptors.  Experiencing a hawk flying from a tree top and gliding to the glove is awe-inspiring!

Give the gift of falconry with Sky Falconry Gift Certificates! Let your loved ones experience the gift of a lifetime. “Thank you for the magical day. My husband and I had such a great experience and I have to say that was one of the highlights of his life..it was a bucket list of his and what a memorable day it was!

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Audubon San Diego Falconry

sdasSky Falconry joined with San Diego Audubon Society to offer a Falconry Lesson at Sky Falconry’s private ranch in Alpine, California. Birders from all over San Diego County joined the event to learn more about Harris’ Hawks with engaging educational talks and free flight experiences. The Audubon Society has worked tirelessly for over a century to protect birds and their habitats. Their pursuit to raise awareness through education and experience goes hand in hand with Sky Falconry’s mission of preservation through education. We believe that an intimate interaction with wildlife enhances the desire to take action for conservation and deepens one’s appreciation for the natural world we live in.

Sky Falconry offers the rare opportunity for everyone to free fly a bird of prey in it’s natural habitat and ranks among one of the top animal encounters in Southern California. Interactions with our trained birds of prey give an intimate view of birds of prey flying, up close and personal, while learning their biology and plights in the natural world. We offer a variety of falconry experiences in California, a short distance from coastal San Diego.

A huge thank you to the San Diego Audubon Society for the amazing work you do to protect all birds and their wild habitats. We were honored to share our morning with you!

Sky Falconry – California Raptor School


img_8012What is falconry? Falconry evokes images of queens and kings on horseback, birds of prey with hoods, gloved fists….but what is falconry?

The technical definition of falconry is hunting with a bird of prey to take quarry in it’s natural habitat. The types of raptors used in falconry are eagles, owls, hawks, falcons and some species of old world vultures. Falconry is one of our oldest hunting traditions dating back thousands of years.  It was used as a main source for obtaining food for our ancestors. Today, falconry is still used as such however, hunting in general is actually more associated to nature conservation than one might think. All hunters must obtain a hunting license through US Fish and Wildlife Service. The funds generated through hunting licenses are a main source of funding for conservation programs that benefit all wildlife.

At Sky Falconry we aim to teach the need for conservation through preservation of this ancient art of hunting. Falconry allows one to not only connect through a working relationship with a raptor, but also the natural world around them. Sky Falconry offers everyone the opportunity to experience the magic of interacting with a bird of prey through falconry classes in California. Our private ranch in Alpine, only 30 miles from the coast of San Diego, draws those interested in birds of prey classes and animal interactions from not only Southern California, but all over the United States. Sky Falconry is one of the few birds of prey schools that offer an intimate window into the world of falconry and these majestic creatures. To see birds of prey flying in the pristine beauty offered by the natural setting of our ranch that is surrounded by hundreds of acres of national forest is a rare and wonderful opportunity. We invite you to join us for one of our Basic Falconry Lessons, Hawk Walks, or the ultimate Private Raptor Experience!